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Historical Places

It was inevitable that Melaka's turbulent history since its founding by Parameswara has left a rich cultural, social, economic and political legacy on present day Melaka The migration of people to Melaka from within and without the region, the presence of traders from the four corners of the world and the colonization of Melaka by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English respectively, and subsequent independence within the Federation of Malaya, have all played a role in shaping and moulding the political, social and cultural character of today's Melaka

The numerous historical sites and buildings in and around Melaka, tell the story of the rich and unique heritage of this ancient city. These sites and buildings are all well restored and serve not just as tourist attractions but as chapters and verse of living history for academicians and historians.

The 'Babas and Nyonyas', the 'Chittys' and the 'Eurasians of Portuguese, Dutch and English descent' all testify to the historical twists and turns that shaped the cultural diversity of Melaka, making it a truly unique state in the Federation of Malaysia.

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