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Melaka rise to fame and glory was a direct result of its status as a trading Melaka. Melaka was in the heart of the spice region and located strategically on the East - West trading routes. Today, like before, business activities still flourish in Melaka Beside the commercial spin-offs generated by Melaka's position as a premier tourist destination, Melaka has also become an important manufacturing centre. Many local and foreign investors have set up factories in Melaka and produce a wide range of goods for an international market. Its location on the peninsular, its proximity to Malaysia's International Airport, its excellent infra-structural facilities, its efficient administrative set-up and the charm and friendliness of the locals are Melaka's main selling points.

The financial crisis of the late 1990's rather than weaken the State's resolve, has increased the State's determination to overcome all obstacles and steer Melaka even to greater heights than its pre-crisis status and achieve its objective of being a fully developed state.

Melaka offers potential investors the following: -

  • Quick processing of all applications and documentation
  • Free-trade industrial zones
  • Excellent infra-structural facilities
  • A literate and educated work force
  • Good affordable housing
  • Excellent recreational facilities

The State Administration is also very aware of the fast changing face of international trade and commerce in this 'the digital age' and is actively setting up the framework necessary to prepare Melaka for the challenges of globalization and e-commerce.



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