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Melaka State not only has the facilities to provide general medical and surgical care to the public, it also has facilities for a full range of specialized and sub-specialized services. These facilities are available at Government Hospitals and Health clinics and in private medical centres.

Comparison of hospital rates between government and private hospitals.

Government hospitals are cheaper than private medical centres. The primary aim of the government hospitals and clinics is to provide the best affordable medical services to the population as a whole. As a result government hospitals are heavily subsidized. Private hospitals are not subsidized and therefore charge more. The state government has encouraged the setting up of private medical centres for a number of reasons. They complement the medical services provided by government hospitals, help reduce the patient load in government hospitals and promote medical tourism. Medical tourism aims to attract those seeking medical care from neighbouring states and countries, to Melaka for their medical treatment by providing the best medical care possible at affordable rates. All hospitals in the state require a deposit for in-patients, which may require topping up from time to time depending on the cost of treatment.


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