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Malaysian New Currency Control Information

With effect from 1 October 1998, all travellers are required to fill in the Travellers Declaration Form (TDF) on arrival / departure.

Residents and Non-Residents are allowed to bring in not more than RM1,000 in cash and an unlimited amount of foreign currency. Residents leaving Malaysia can take out up to RM1,000 in cash and foreign notes including travellers cheques not more than the equivalent of RM10,000 on departure.

Non Residents are only allowed to take out amounts less than or equivalent to the sums they have declared upon entry. The new measure is the result of Bank Negara Malaysia's Exchange Control Measure Implementation Plan to regain monetary independence in the current world economic environment and to stabilise the country's economy.

A Resident means a citizen of Malaysia, including a person who has obtained permanent resident status and is residing in Malaysia.

A 'Non-Resident' means any person other than a resident and a citizen who obtained permanent resident status outside Malaysia and not residing in Malaysia.

Where to obtain the Travellers Declaration Form (TDF):

Malaysia Embassy / High Commission
Malaysia Tourism Offices
All all ports of entry / exi

On Departure

Complete your TDF prior to immigration clearance
Submit the completed TDF to the Immigration Officer for endorsement

Failure to declare is an offence. Prohibited amount in the possession of a traveller might be seized and faced prosecution.

Should your need to carry ringgit notes, foreign currency notes and traveller's cheques in excess of the permitted limits, prior written permission may be obtained from :-

Head of Department
Balance of Payment Department
Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 291 0772
Fax: +603 293 7732




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