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About Us

MelakaCom.Net is the official Melaka state-e commerce portal. It has been developed to fulfill the demands of an IT dense state by 2010. The portal is a one stop gateway where you will be able to gain access to a multitude of services and information besides linkages to many parts of the world wide web according to your related interest.

MelakaCom.Net provides you with detailed information of Melaka, including the States's historical aspects, tourism, the Government and business. It will help you to retrieve the real picture of Melaka within your fingertips. Surf through the State's ancient times and its modern age. You will gain easy web access to many hotels, businesses, financial institutions, healthcare and shopping centers, and many other resources besides link to official Government information.

The portal is continuous development to offer various services to enhance the process of business via the cyber world. Our services offerings include home page design and development, web hosting or just plain banner advertisement to help you be part of the global Internet village. Our objective is to encourage business users and consumers to be involved in a wider spectrum of business opportunities. As value-added service for all MelakaCom.Net users is the portal's provision of free web-based e-mail to facilitate communication through the electronic media. We have recognized this facility to be one of the basic needs in modern business.

The development of information technology is presently undergoing rapid changes affecting our daily lives and the way we conduct business. It is amazing to see people embracing such technology that affects and controls their way of life in the 21st century. We are thus taking our share of the responsibility held by the community to ensure the development of information technology is in step with national goals and achievements in the digital era and the k-economy. With the support of the Melaka State Government MelakaCom.Net is positioning itself to playing a lead role toward the emergence of Melaka as an IT state.

Enjoy your surfing and do visit us often to obtain the latest information on Melaka and discover the many ways of growing your business the e-way.



  • To ensure the development of e-commerce in Melaka.
  • To achieve the vision in making Melaka an IT base state by 2010.
  • To fulfill the needs of the Melakans in the IT and cyber era.
  • To upgrade the existing knowledge of IT and enhancing the usage of IT in Melaka.
  • To be the most outstanding company in the IT world of Melaka.


The objective of BITT is to undertake the development, research and operation of the information system infrastructure including the design, development, commissioning and the transfer of the Melaka Information Resource Centre together with all allied hardware and software components and telecommunication data communication services.



BITT Operates an E-Commerce Portal with domain name of “MelakaCom. Net” (MalaccaCom.Net.my; MelakaCom.Net; MelakaCom.Net.my - all names are accessable to the portal). The Company has the blessing of the Melaka State Government and Yayasan Melaka to conduct E-Commerce in Melaka. MelakaCom.Net is the “Official E-Commerce Portal” for the State of Melaka.

MelakaCom.Net provides the following services :

  1. Free E-Mail.
  2. Melaka Information Services. Tourism Promotion (Places of Interest). Culture and Arts. Shopping. Eating Out. Hotels & Convention Facilities. Sports & Recreation Facilities. Entertainment. Education Facilities. Healthcare Facilities. Banking. Transport Facilities. Commerce and Industry Promotion. SME. News. Events.
  3. Web Page Designing.
  4. Web Hosting.
  5. Web Advertising.
  6. Bookings - Hotel, Restaurants, Hospitals, Education.
  7. Online Transaction - Payment of Purchases.
  8. Government E-Forms.
  9. EIS (Executive Information Services).
  10. GIS (Geographic Information Services).


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